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SEM and CDC signed an agreement of 300 million CFA francs for the development of artisanal gold mining in Gabon

Libreville January 31, 2014 - Equatorial Mining Company (SEM) this morning signed an agreement with the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations (CDC ) for the establishment of a funding of 300 million CFA francs. This financing facility will be available to the Gabonese Font Collection Gold ( CGCO ) to develop its collection of gold extracted from artisanal mines within the country. "This agreement with CDC that I particularly want to thank them for the confidence placed in our institution , a milestone for the development of the activity of the Gabonese Font Collection Gold , which at the end of one year of operation, has already established itself in the landscape of artisanal mining as the benchmark for the miners . After the two counters open collection in 2013 , we will continue our policy of setting up counters in major gold mining areas of Gabon . With this financing facility , officials CGCO field will increase the volume of gold they buy from miners . This ultimately means a better state control of trade in artisanal gold and better working conditions for the miners that we can ensure a steady income. "Said Fabrice Nze Bekale , CEO of SEM . Subsidiary 100% owned by the SEM, the Gabonese Counter Collection Gold was created following the decision taken by the Council of Ministers Koula - Mutu in September 2011 to restructure artisanal gold mining industry the Gabon and becoming the exclusive purchaser of this production. This will state implemented by the SEM with the essential support of the Ministry of Mines , Industry and Tourism, stems directly from the strategy of Gabon Emergent , and more specifically its pillar of Gabon Industriel, d optimize the management of its natural resources to obtain more benefits for economic development and the improvement of living conditions of Gabon . The takeover of the artisanal gold mining sector that the state is currently done via the CGCO meets two needs : to limit the smuggling of the gold which Gabon and its people are actually shooting no benefit , and fight against the many social problems , health and safety faced by miners in providing technical assistance in the field . Collection of artisanal gold contributes to the fight against poverty . The CGCO began operations in 2013. During this first year , he collected a total of 43 kilograms of gold dust and nuggets. Production was sold almost in its entirety by the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations , which was directed by the highest authorities of the country to establish a sufficient stock of gold , which could eventually be deposited at the BEAC On 2014 , the goal is to double that volume collection to 100 kg, which requires more capital to cope with the liquidity gap between the time of purchase and the resale. The CGCO has launched a parallel opening counters collecting gold on the main areas of gold mining policy. In 2013, a post was created Makokou and another Ndjolé . Facing the initial success of this policy , three other openings counters are scheduled for 2014 : Mitzic Mouila and Lastourville . For more information , thank you to contact Ms. Isabelle De Pina Email: isabelle.depina @ fixed Tel : (+241) 01 72 20 88 Twitter: @ gabonmining Facebook: SEM - Gabon Mining LinkedIn : SEM - Gabon Mining